I Feel Free Scarf
I Feel Free Scarf
I Feel Free Scarf
I Feel Free Scarf

I Feel Free Scarf

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Wrap this triangle scarf around your neck for extreme softness and unbeatable style.

Made from a mix of prints, and sewn in a special way - it's reversible! That means each side features a different print for you to choose and match to your outfit.

 How to wear it:
Place the triangle facing down at the front, and wrap the narrow edges around your neck so they come back to the front. Choose which side you want to wear!

Size Guide: 

One size fits all.

Care Instructions: 

Machine wash cold, hang to dry.

To avoid creasing (happens with natural fabrics), we recommend keeping your scarf on a hanger.


100% woven viscose fabrics.


Handmade from treasured fabrics, we practice no-waste in all our designs. Each piece is made to the highest quality, for you to wear and cherish forever.