Waterloo Sunset Collar
Waterloo Sunset Collar
Waterloo Sunset Collar
Waterloo Sunset Collar
Waterloo Sunset Collar

Waterloo Sunset Collar

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This collar will look amazing over a simple Tshirt and jeans look, or will add sparkle to an elegant blouse. You could wear it on black and white print for extra drama! And  over a dress for wow factor. 

It's timeless really! It's designed for you to have fun with your style, and to enjoy wearing for many years.

Made with vintage brocade and a patchwork of luxurious French lace. It's asymmetrically embroidered and beaded with glass beads and sequins. Closes at the front with 1950's black glass buttons.

All the materials in this collar come from my collection of many years. They are all of the highest-end quality in the world, almost all are vintage, and they were made with great love and care.


How to wear it:

Closes at the front with a loop and button.

Size Guide: 

One size fits all.  

Care Instructions: 

Dry clean only. 

Store on a hanger with the button closed, or lay flat in the small pouch that comes with it (handy for travel).

The buttons are vintage glass and may break if it happens to fall. Take care when unbuttoning and removing. 


French luxury lace / Vintage brocade / Glass beads / 1950s Glass buttons / Silk neck


Handmade from treasured fabric remnants, we practice no-waste in all our designs. Each piece is made to the highest quality, for you to wear and cherish forever.